Presenting Karianne

Earlier this year, I had a visit from Karianne. She drove down from Oslo to shoot with me, and we had a couple of very fun days together. Two days, five shoots, and a lot of talk about food, workouts, indulgence, prejudice, goals and ambitions, inspiration, drive, and dedication. Having a strong will, and a high level of acceptance and patience is not only crucial for the process of changing your life, getting healthier, more fit, or getting ready for a competition. It also applies to the mental stamina needed for an outdoor shoot in February (in clothes that are basically no warmer than underwear), and I’m downright impressed with her cheerful and positive outlook on everything from going through periods of grueling diets and exercise, to stripping down in the middle of winter to get a good picture.

There is a lot of controversy around bikini fitness, or any kind of fitness competition on this level, and I wanted to find out how things actually are, from a competitors standpoint. Really aggressive articles on how these girls are supporting a damaging and seriously unhealthy body ideal that supports eating disorders and low self-esteem is flourishing, and there is a lot of prejudice connected to what these girls do. 

Personally, I find it inspiring that people are setting out to reach their goals, pushing through personal boundaries to get there and really challenging themselves, and I wanted to get Karianne’s take on exactly that. And for those of you who look at her (almost non existing) body fat and think that she must be starving herself, I can tell you that she eats. A lot! I wanted to show you a little teaser of what is to come, and to introduce this inspiring girl!

These next few months, fitness and health is going to take center stage, and I will share my work with Karianne, tips and tricks on establishing a good workout routine (that you will actually want to keep), my own workout routine (with pictures… that should all be very entertaining for you), some nice and healthy recipes that will get you longing for summer, an introduction to fermentation (for a happy and healthy gut), a little talk about meditation, and a battle between crossfit and yoga. But in between that, ballet, cocktail recipes and other nice things will occur as usual.

I’m excited to share this with you!

Have a wonderful wednesday!