Weekend Chill

Weekends are great. Until I graduated from University the weekend was this fleeting thing where I would kind of be free, but never really be off as I was constantly reading, writing or pushing towards a deadline, and it’s only after finishing my master’s degree I have really gotten a grip on this whole weekend thing. When Friday evening hits I’m off. Properly off! And there is actually time to get lost in other projects and really slow activities, like listening to my favourite radio show Lørdagsrådet in bed on Saturday morning while having breakfast, going out for brunch with friends, going to the movies in the afternoon, actually enjoy some daylight, buy flowers and read magazines, make slow cooked dishes, go out for wine, beer or cocktails, be hungover, binge watch my favourite series, and last but not least get lost on my favourite spots on the internet. 

Right now I’m crushing pretty hard on Nowness, Vogue Video, Less Magazine, and Wes Anderson’s commercial for the Prada Candy perfume. 

Ever since I discovered Nowness six months ago, I have been visiting their site almost every day. It’s basically an endless source of inspiration from amazing videos in the fields of art, design, fashion, beauty, music, food and travel, and everything is curated and presented extremely well. The website is categorized perfectly, so you can really indulge on whatever sparks your interest. You can find everything from beautifully shot mini documentaries, to music videos that will rock your soul a little, beautiful ballet and partially disturbing art. You can of course find Wes Anderson in their mix as well. What the videos have in common is that they are extremely well executed and incredibly beautiful. It’s a real treat for anyone interested in visual art and photography. Nowness defines their concept as «a movement for creative excellence in storytelling celebrating the extraordinary of every day», and I’m completely addicted! Get lost in their amazing selections of videos right here.

Vogue Video is for those who enjoy the stories behind fashion. The creative interpretation of our identity though what we wear, from the view of designers, models or others in the industry. There are small documentary series, beauty videos and sneak peeks into the world of fashion, behind the scenes on shoots, at home with Kate Moss or inside Caroline De Maigret’s wardrobe. It’s the story of fashion understood and told by those who love and use it, as an underlying inspiration in their lives, and a way of expressing and reinterpreting themselves. It’s not about trends and consumerism, but about the love of fashion and the possibility to express yourself through what you wear, and to build a wardrobe, and your personal style, throughout your life. Have a look here

Less Magazine has been on my radar ever since I discovered them at the end of last year, and what is so great is that you can read all their earlier issues for free on their website. Every issue has a topic and is filled with beautiful photos and interesting articles, all evolving around the topic of the issue, and the overall message: to celebrate slow clothing as opposed to fast fashion. Less Magazine is a very inspiring place to collect knowledge and new perspective on the fashion industry, and the new waves that are occurring within the industry, moving towards a more sustainable future where handicraft, and creativity trumps trends and fast fashion. You can read their magazine issue 1 to 5 right here, and issue 6 is available here.


And Wes Anderson is just Wes Anderson. Perfect symmetry in unusual forms. Beautiful and strange stories. A real joy to watch. And just because I mentioned it earlier, here are the three chapters of the Prada Candy campaign he made with Roman Coppola. It’s so Wes Anderson. It’s so beautifully shot. 


It’s just perfect!

Happy Sunday!