Christmas Mood

it's (already) the second week of december

I can't believe hos fast time is passing by right now. It feels like this every single year. We hit the first advent Sunday, December begins and it feels like the days are growing especially darker and shorter every day. I can't wait till the shortest day of the year, marking the end of this state and bringing us longer days and new energy in the new year. I know it's way too early to be yearning for spring, but I am. 

One of the most beautiful things about this dark period is the light. Even though it doesn't have a lot of contrast and is cold and not the most flattering, it brings something to the pictures. It just underlines what is happening in the scenery around us, where everything is dying, turning dark and dry and lifeless. I might have read a little too much Edgar Allan Poe as a teenager, but I think it's something really fascinating about the process that nature is going through in this season where everything is resting, getting ready for a whole new summer.

Last autumn I got to photograph one of my philosophy professors, for an outdoor shoot in that exact scenery. Even though the light is dull and lacks colour, it's beautiful on those premises alone. The late afternoon light is perfectly suited for this, and Klemens carries if off beautifully. 
I know a few photographers who really don't like working with late autumn and winter light, because their work doesn't translate very well to that kind of atmosphere, but I really want to explore it's possibilities further. Living in Scandinavia it's almost a must because the warm months with delicious warm light are few.

December to me means mulled apple cider, tulips, Christmas preparations and pomegranates. I eat them every day, in salads, on my breakfast, in hot and cold dishes, and on its on. With a spoon. It has such a gorgeous ruby colour and tastes fresh and tart. It's also incredible beautiful.

Photographing men is very different from photographing women, and 'm very grateful that Klemens would let me photograph him. Given the fact that I am woman, it's much easier for me to know how to work angles, poses and to dare to experiment more with other women, than I do when I photograph men. I really want to be good at photographing men as well. 

Getting there is much easier with a little help from a friend:
my very sweet assistant John was there too!

Holding down branches, reflecting the little light that was present and making everything run a little more smoothly.

And yeah...

...sometimes someone just need to take a picture of the photographer looking really stupid trying to get a good shot.

In a tree full of thorns.
standing on a little branch.

Happy Monday!