Breaking the Silence

I have been silent. 

I have been silent for a whole month, both here and on Instagram. After handing in my master’s thesis I was so happy and proud, but also just so incredibly tired that I spent the entire first week in my bed, and I felt like I really needed a break. A break from social media, a break from thinking about content, planning and editing, and a break from the expectations. Not from you, but from myself. I was tired, and I decided to give my mind a break, as well as my body. No running, no crossfit and no yoga. I haven’t been keeping up with Instagram and Facebook, I haven’t read a single blogpost or newspaper or checked my friends stories on snapchat (which I love), and it has been absolutely amazing. I have been watching series, eating ice cream, hanging out with my friends, sleeping a lot, and just easing slowly back into my life. Finally my energy level is starting to rise, and I’m planning new things, starting to write and letting the world back into my life. I just needed some silence.

so hello!
I'm back and I have missed you.