Strangas Dessert Boutique: Behind the Scenes

Last Friday I visited Nikolaos Strangas in his wonderful dessert boutique, and while I had been quite nervous about doing the interview, I could not wait to get into the kitchen to photograph what they were making. I’m incredibly curious, so I absolutely love the open kitchen solution that so many restaurants in Copenhagen have adopted. Strangas Dessert Boutique is the very first pastry shop I have seen that has a window into the kitchen, so you can see a little bit of what is going on in there. Having bought my weekend indulgence there many times before, the fact that you can get a little sneak peak behind the scenes didn’t decrease my curiosity. So when the interview was over (he went straight from the interview with me, to a photo shoot with ELLE Denmark!!), I headed straight for kitchen! They were making croissants and thébirkes, a wedding cake and coconut swirls, and decorating the most beautiful cheesecakes. 

I love French pastry, but the Danish kinds haven’t really managed to catch my attention and I usually go for something that is not typically Danish when I want a little indulgence. The one exception to this is thébirkes, that they were making when I was photographing. They are so delicious, covered in poppy seeds (which actually has the most wonderful taste) and the ones they make at Strangas are huge. Not exactly a bad thing if you ask me.

But these treats are quite new to their menu, because up until the middle of August they only served more delicate treats, and is by far what Strangas are famous for. They make huge wedding cakes and small delicate portion size treats. Because they made thébirkes, there were poppy seeds everywhere, which caused some interesting issues for the guy preparing the wedding cake. Totally smitten with his tattoo!!

To give you a little idea of the gorgeous creations these sweet guys spend their days creating, here’s a few on my favourites from their delicate collection. I’m nuts about the pure colours and wonderful details. Just look at this!

I had so much shooting this, and talking to Niko to get a little glimpse of what it takes to build something like he did. On Wednesday, the interview will be up and I’m looking forward to sharing with you the thoughts on ambition, creativity, process and life that the man behind these wonderful creations have. Being in my position these days, I’m really inspired by people who have made their passion into work and transformed it into something beautiful and inspiring. I read somewhere that “If you ever find yourself in the wrong story, leave” and I can for sure say that these days, I’m in the middle of the right story!