Girls, Girls, Girls: Fishtail Braid

Braids are fantastic. They make great choices for fast, beautiful hairstyles, look gorgeous no matter what kind of hair you have, and the best part: they keep your hair out of your face without having to do the usual ponytail or bun. This particular braid is my all time favourite, and I decided to try it out on three of my girlfriends that all have gorgeous, but completely different kinds of hair. Rikke has silky, straight blond hair, Charlotte has wonderfully red, wavy hair and Jane’s is thick, wavy and black. I’m completely smitten with these girls! Going through the pictures we took, I had such a hard time picking the ones I wanted for this post because these girls are just so damn gorgeous I can almost not take it. 

Jane, Charlotte and I went for pastry at Strangas yesterday, and ended up doing the hair preparation there post coffee. They have the best macaroons I have ever tasted (the salt caramel one is to die for), and croissants the size of our faces. Just the way it should be. After indulging on French treats, talking and braiding hair we went out to find a good location to shoot. Charlottes hair is so fiery red that it lights up any background, it is actually quite insane and I must admit I have a tiny bit of hair envy.

To make this gorgeous fishtail braid you need to

 Divide your hair into two parts

Take a tiny portion of hair from the outside of one of the sides, and pull it to the opposite side

Do the same on the other side, and if the two strains of hair are now forming an X you have done it correctly

Continue taking a tiny portion of hair from the outside of the sides, and pulling it to the opposite side until you have reached the bottom of the braid, and secure it

 Make sure that the strains of hair are almost the same size if you want it to look more elegant and neat. You can start on the top of the head (Rikke), starting with a little bit of the hair and constantly add as you move down, start with a ponytail (Jane) and braid from there, or you can just divide the hair into two parts and do a more casual, loose braid (Charlotte). If you braid it quite tight, it looks super nice to pull on the edges a little when you are done, for that more casual, yet elegant look. It takes a little while to get good at braiding this style, so don’t get frustrated if you don’t succeed on your first, or fifth try! If you wish to see a video tutorial, you can click here.

Saturday morning editing on the side of coffee, croissants and figs is one of my favourite way to wake up! Feeling so blessed to have these wonderful girls in my life, and having them take part in my little Morning Projects adventure. Hope you are having a calm Saturday accompanied by great people and coffee!