3 Quick Tricks!

Let’s talk a little bit about buns. Hipsters everywhere have happily embraced them, both girls and boys, and in Copenhagen they are seen everywhere. I love them, my mother doesn’t. She thinks I look a bit silly, while I happily wear it any time, anywhere. You see, I have really long, unruly wavy hair that won’t be tamed by a braid, ponytail or any existing hair product. A bun on the other hand, is the solution, but looking frumpy is not a desired side effect. There is a trick to make them look more perfect than random without using one of those weird doughnuts. It only takes a few seconds and you don’t even need a mirror. Perfection! I love this little video from FreePeople (I wear the first one aaaaall the time).

Copenhagen is super windy, so mastering the art of the bun is a bare necessity!