This post is not a regular post, it’s an introduction post. An introduction to something that will be very exiting to work with and to share with you. There are a few themes that will reoccur on Morning Projects. Recipes are one of them, and Portrait Posts will be another. I want to share with you the most inspiring people around me, how they work, their thought processes towards their goals and how they stay motivated. People, projects and small businesses will be featured and it will be a once-a-month kinda thing. Beginning with the people I surround myself with, I will expand this little project to include others as well. So if you know anyone with an interesting story, project or ambition, please comment on this post or contact me directly (if you’re on instagram you can just tag @morningprojects in a comment on someone’s feed I should check out). Don’t be shy! I’m super exited after doing the first interview, and look so much forward to posting it within the next couple of days.



This beautiful girl and her jewellery company will be featured later this spring and there are lots of other fantastic people lined up as well. Have a wonderful Tuesday, and look out for the first portrait!!