London Part Two: Slutty Burgers in Chelsea

Everyone who knows me know that I talk a lot. I also take a lot of pictures and truthfully I’m known to be quite annoying because of it. I guess a lot of you were expecting an avalanche of pictures from my trip, and to be honest, so did I. What happened in London is not very typical behaviour for me. I took next to no photos, and there is not a single picture of me from the trip. My sister and I were running through London so caught up in each others company and everything that was going on that I completely forgot about my camera, even though I was constantly carrying it around. I choose to see this as a good thing, although it slightly annoys me that we have no fabulous pictures from the trip. 

We had both had crazy busy weeks leading up to flying to London, and when we arrived we realised that we had no clue of what we wanted to do, see or eat. We survived on a tiny bit of Wi-Fi in the lobby in the morning, where we quickly downloaded maps and picked what area we wanted to explore that day. This should come as no surprise, but I absolutely love reading blogs, and London blogs is what we survived on throughout our trip. Coffee, lunch, dinner, exhibition and shopping tips were coming straight from the people who know and love London, and we had some of the most amazing food I’ve had in my life on this trip. A big thank you to this girl, for letting us in on London’s finest. After going to the Natural History Museum, we were super hungry and used their Wi-Fi to map out the best lunch option in the area. After asking this guy for directions, we headed for Chelsea in the most violent mixed weather I think I’ve ever seen. Pouring rain and gorgeous sunshine!

We decided on burgers, and oh my! They were amazing. Perfect fluffy buns, lots of nicely seasoned meat, gooey cheese and crispy chips. On the bar, they had a variety of different toppings ranging from caramelised onions, jalapenos and delicious hot mustard to homemade chilli sauce as well as all of the classical trimmings that should come with any good burger. 

We tucked in and had to make an effort not to just inhale the burgers from pure hunger and excitement. When we were done eating we headed out into the city that had been transformed by the rain. I love how crisp the air gets after a really heavy rain shower. If you are in London, you can find these burgers right here. Will try to recreate this meal at home and invite you to a burger party if it succeeds, Promise!