London, I think I might love you

Last Saturday, I went to London with my sister for a combined work and pleasure kind of trip. It was my first real trip there, and waking up in my own bed this morning realising that I was, well.. at home, was horrible. Sleeping in my own bed is much more pleasurable than a hotel, but apart from that being home feels like a slap in the face. I had what comes close to being one of the best weeks of my life, and sharing the crazy and amazing chain of events the past week brought with my sister makes me so grateful. I can literally almost not believe some of the things that happened to us on this trip, and I’m suffering from the worst post trip blues I’ve ever experienced. I bought a bunch of different wonderful London produce to keep the smells and tastes with me for a little longer, and having had zero access to this site the past week due to server challenges, I wanted to put a little something up today. A little London tip:

Monmouth Coffee Company is the one coffee shop that I’ve been recommended most by Londoners, and I was not disappointed. They have really well balanced beans that are ground and then perfectly brewed. Before I bought my beans to take home they made espresso from 3 different kinds of beans for me to taste. Now that gets my barista heart beating! Try their latte or a flat white.  27 Monmouth Street, in beautiful Covent Garden is my favourite spot.

I would really like to say #TGIF, but I’m feeling quite the opposite. Drinking my Monmouth espresso accompanied by flake (God, I love this very commercial, cheap chocolate!). Have a great weekend and autumn holiday to all you Copenhagen students.