In October I fell in love. Not with the boy, but with something for my home. When I first moved out, I roughly brought what I needed to furnish a place of my own, so I haven’t really bought a piece of furniture on my own before. At least not something shiny and new! I laid eyes on this gorgeous little piece and fell completely in love with it. There was no room for it in my budget (it’s just so typical), yet I could not stop thinking about it. I saved all the spare money I could afford, talked about it to all of my friends and revisited the store several times (almost to the point where I started to feel embarrassed). You know, just to look at it, maybe sit in it and imagine how it would be if it were mine. 

Then, a few weeks ago, after getting a little contribution for it for Christmas, it was time. I signed the papers and my order was sent into production. On the day of the delivery, I had not really gotten out of bed yet when the doorbell rang. A little confused and still in my pyjamas, I signed it off and the deliveryman put my box in the hallway. 

IMG_0004 2.jpg

After jumping up and down from the excitement, I tore the box open

IMG_0005 2.JPG

The deliveryman was kind enough to offer me assistance with assembling my little beauty, but come on. I’m an independent woman (right?). I was positive I could manage on my own, and sent him on his way. (Besides, I sort of already knew that there were not a whole lot to assemble). 

IMG_0013 2.JPG

Isn’t she a beauty? Mr. Fox and I are both really happy that she has finally arrived. I’m afraid that pictures doesn’t really do my new piece justice, so I guess you just have to come over for a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and see it for yourself!



Suddenly, the boy made me aware that there seemed to be something more inside the box..

IMG_0008 2.JPG

Just kidding, that’s just me and my tired yet excited morning face!

IMG_0009 2.JPG

Have a lovely day (and hey, I was serious about that coffee)!