Visiting Aaron in Portland for the first time, I was struck by how much the nature in Oregon resembles Norway. Our roadtrip to Indian Beach, roughly two hours north of Portland, was by far one of my favorite days of my trip. The US is so different from Europe in so many ways, and both the positive and negative aspects of this difference doesn’t seem to seize to amaze me. Driving north, we stopped at a little gas station to get something to drink (and an ice cream sandwich for me), and the entire wall behind the counter was filled with guns. For sale. Right there. Waiting for Aaron outside, this huge guy wearing not only one, but two rifles and three knives, walks in. There is something so deeply troubling and disturbing about that. I can’t even begin to describe the feeling rushing through me. My whole body felt instantly cold and uncomfortable, like it does seconds before you faint, or throw up. As we drove off, and into this gorgeous forest with tree tops closing in above us, filtrating the most beautiful sunlight, and a forest floor covered by big, green ferns I could’t help but being a bit struck by the huge contrasts. 

Driving out of the forest and into the sunlight, seeing Indian beach stretched out before us, was the perfect cure for the horrific first meeting with the American gun culture. Oregon has a really long coast line, and offer nature experiences I have never seen before. We didn’t have much time for hiking, but explored the beaches, and they were so gorgeous.

Indian Beach

Indian beach is incredibly beautiful with huge rocks scattered along the coast. They are all covered in different kinds of sea shells and underwater flowers, and the beach is known for great, big waves which makes it a highly loved spot for surfers. This might be my favorite beach. We didn't actually get to the swimming part because the water so cold, but just laying on the beach, listening to music and reading a book was more than enough. Hoping the water will be a bit better next time we go, the waves were perfect to play in.

Canon Beach

This beach is located about half an hour south of India beach, and is famous for the Haystack Rock. It’s quite incredible to see, but make sure to come at a time it won’t be filled with people. Canon beach is much more central than Indian beach, and therefore also more frequently visited. It’s situated in this little town, so if you are looking to grab some food or beers after a long day at the beach, this is perfect. 

Oneonta Falls

This short, little hike is quite an experience. Climbing over huge piles of slippery tree trunks, walking through deep, ice cold water and rocky surfaces, you make your way to this gorgeous waterfall at the end of the valley. Make sure to wear shoes that will give you a good grip when climbing over the wet tree trunks, and clothes that are suitable for collarbone deep water. I wore my workout clothes! We also had warm clothes and towels in the car for when we were done, and had a nice, hot bath when we got back. You will get cold, and wet, and most likely you will also be really excited and happy. Be careful if you bring a camera, but you are going to want to!!

If you are thinking about going to the US and want something different than the rush of Los Angeles, San Fransisco or New York, Oregon is really amazing. There is incredible food options here, great coffee, and a very laid-back and relaxed attitude. A few tips to get started on your culinary exploration:


There are two great doughnut places in Portland: Voodoo and Blue Star. They are both amazing, but in very different ways. Get both and compare, I get my fix from both every time I’m here. Voodoo is the perfect doughnut in terms of fluffiness, and will get you the authentic American doughnut experience. They have all the classical flavors, and a bunch of crazy ones. They are known for weird shapes and sizes, and a lot of strange flavors, but their simple, glazed doughnut is by far my favorite. It’s perfectly fluffy and sweet! Blue Star is known for being bit more high end, which is visible through both design and flavor combinations. They have a great collection of flavors, and offer a different kind of experience that Voodoo. 


Heart Coffee is magnificent. They open at 7am, which is amazing when you want to get an early start and get some word done, and offer great coffee. Traveling from Copenhagen, where the ideal flavor and roast is quite acidic, it’s such a death of fresh air to come to Portland, where the coffee is much more rounded, smooth and balanced. I love it, and always buy enough beans to last me until my next visit. The Stereo blend is the favorite! Try their vanilla lattewith home made vanilla bean syrup, or a cappuccino with their freshly made cashew and almond milk. 


Burgers in America are really something. They are cheap, really delicious, and made with really fresh ingredients. Little big burger is a tiny, little burger, but big on flavor! Try their cheeseburger with cheddar cheese and truffle oil fries!


If you are in the mood for ramen, dumplings, sushi and cocktails, this is the place! We went there the day after their grand opening, and it was by far one of my favorite meals in Portland this time around. 


This is great Spanish food! You can order a half or whole chicken with different sauces, or from their meny of tapas. It’s quite cheap, and offer great flavor and exciting combinations. 



Ice cream is always nice, but Salt and Straw is extra nice. Their flavors are quite untraditional, but you are allowed as many taste testes as you need to make a decision, so don’t be afraid to ask! Their ice cream shop is located in e really nice area, so make sure to go for a little walk around the neighborhood and look at the houses and gardens. Expect a line, but don’t worry, it moves fairly quickly! Salt and Straw also has a soft serve place downtown, which might be my favorite. They have more traditional flavors like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and salted caramel, and has a huge selections of different toppings like cookie dough, Oreos and caramel. 

I also have to mention Powell’s Books! I have always loved reading, but while getting my degree it didn’t feel like I had time or energy to really do that. When visiting Portland for the first time this June, Aaron took me to Powell’s and we got lost in there for hours. Bookstores are the best, and I really regained my love for reading this summer, after visiting this one. If you are at all interested in books, Powell’s is heaven. They have a huge collection of books divided into different sections by themes and topics. They have a nice little coffee shop where you can have a little rest, or sit and work for a bit. Just don’t spill coffee on your books, like I did. I guess coffee stains just add that extra personality and memory of how you got your books. 



If you ever get a chance to go to Portland, you really should.
Exploring Oregon is quite amazing in so many different ways.

7 Steps Towards Creating More Headspace

The summer is already far behind us, and most of us are back to university or work after some well deserved time off. But transitioning from vacation to everyday life can create a lot of tension. As our last day of vacation is drifting further and further into the past, we often get into a spiral of getting more and more tense and stressed from not feeling like we have enough hours in the day for the things that truly fuel us. Whether your favorite activity after a long day at work is watching Netflix with your friends, reading a book, or playing computer games, it’s important that we keep making space for the things that allows our brain to pause. We work full-time, and pack our social calendar with fun events, while trying to eat healthy, work out, and fulfill all the obligations and expectations from the people around us, and ourselves. We all do it, and most of us do it really well, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t allowed to feel exhausted, and to think it’s hard sometimes. Taking that time off to ourselves, or with our favorite people, is kind of the key to make everything else work too, and even though watching series feels like your fuel, it might be worth looking into creating enough headspace for you to lean into more fulfilling things too. Your life only works when you do.

As the social introvert I am, I’m often a bit too ambitious and fill my calendar with social events that I end up regretting because I would rather just be alone. I love spending time with my friends, but I also need to be alone to feel like I’m keeping my head above water in stressful periods. It’s not that I’m not a social person, but I charge my batteries when I’m alone. Creating more headspace is all about creating good habits to decrease stress, and curate good habits that will help create balance between what you want and what you need. For me, a perfect week is filled with both friends, slow mornings, enough time between my appointments to not rush, and evenings all to myself or drinking wine with my favorite people. We all work differently, but as so many of the conversations I have with my friends are about we feel stressed, and overwhelmed, I thought I’d collect a little list of what we do to cultivate a well rested and happy everyday. I think they just might help you a little bit too. 


NO.1 Curate good habits

Curating good habits is all about figuring out what works best for you, whether you are more productive in the morning, or the evening, are a huge fan of morning workouts, or really not, or what kind of food makes you more energized and fulfilled during the day. No one will be able to say what works for you, but trying to find a good routine will help your body run on a more intuitive gear, and will leave you with a lot more energy for other things. Personally I should ideally sleep from 22-06, because I work the best in the morning. Everything I do before noon is by far my best work of the day, and I can promise you I’ll get twice as much done from 8-12, than I’m able to do from 13-17. Knowing that, I prioritize my most important tasks before lunch, which keeps me from getting stressed in the afternoon. I also require a really slow morning with at least two hours to eat breakfast, listen to the radio, plan my day, meditate, and get ready. I love working out really, really in the morning, preferably before my two hours of prep. time before I leave the house, or start working. I try to not work too late at night, and always bike wherever I’m going. Getting some fresh air and moving my body is quite essential for me. Find out what gives you the best conditions to flourish, and go for that.

No.2 Stop worrying about the «what if?»

I’m the queen of «what if?» so for me, this one might be one of the most important points on this list. Having gone through periods of quite severe anxiety, where the «what if?» takes center stage and manifests as something that is very likely to happen, I truly know the way that thinking in this way can affect you. And it sucks. It is really draining, and gets in the way of everything. The «what if?» can arise in connection with basically anything. Work, decisions, relationships, battling your own willpower, or whatever domain you might think of. It’s a huge energy thief if it is allowed to flourish. Getting rid of the «what if?» means getting rid of self-doubt, and cultivating a feeling of trust in ourselves and our decisions. Having an overall feeling of being capable of dealing with whatever arises in our lives, whether they are a direct result of our actions and choices ,or not, is the perfect antidote and manifests in a way where we are not afraid of making mistakes. Going for what you feel is right, and supporting your own decision is so important, both when it comes to dealing with work, relationships, or just battling your own mind. Knowing that you’ll figure it out, and that you are able and willing to deal with whatever comes your way will make the «what if?» slowly fade away. Because why should we have to deal with all the possible outcomes or possibilities before they actually occur? Maybe things will turn out to be smooth sailing, and there won’t be a problem at all? There is a lot of energy to waste here, so making sure we don’t is a good place to start. If you are dealing with anxiety, like I kind of still am, more in some periods than others, this point is one to really focus on.

no.3 Plan your week & Create to-do lists

Getting an overview of what needs to be done and when, will make you more efficient, no doubt about that. It gives you an overview of what tasks you’ll need to complete on a weekly and daily basis, and makes it easier for you to calculate how much time you’ll need to do them (and how much time you’ll have for other things). We tend to feel like we are really busy, which leads to us feeling stressed because we are overwhelmed by the amount of work we need to complete. But planning your week, and making prioritized to-do lists will most likely make you realize that you have a lot more time than you thought. When we organize the tasks and our priorities, the fog lifts, and we can see everything more clear, and this kills our preconceptions about how much work, and how little time we have. Map out what you need to do, and how long you want to spend on it. Putting a sharper, and shorter time frame on things tend to make us work more focused. We often do the tasks that are the easiest or fastest to complete on our to-do lists first, even if they are not the most important, and this can leave us feeling like we are falling behind, which leads to a feeling of being stressed. But if you do the one or two most important things on the list instead of the five smallest ones, you’ll probably feel like you got a lot more done, and actually make significant progress. That’s why not only making to-do lists in itself is good, but making it with 1-3 tasks highlighted as the most important ones. Planning out my week, and making a prioritized list of things to do on a weekly and daily basis, is a crucial part of what makes my world go around. Writing it down, and mapping it out, allows me to free up space in my mind for other things. When I sit down to work I always know what to do, and what task is the most important for me to get to first. This leads to less procrastinations, and less time wasted trying to organize and prioritize those things when I’m tired or unfocused. Planning things at the beginning of the week when I’m energized and rested makes everything more smooth during the week, and leaves me with a lot of headspace for more important things.

no.4 Make sure you have some time to yourself 

We are social creatures, and it’s important to indulge in time with your friends and family, but it’s also really important to have a little bit of time to yourself sometime during the day. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but enough time for you to be able to clear your mind and get centered. Processing everything that is going on in our lives is so important, and just a little bit of time to ourselves will make us feel like we have more energy and space in our minds. Whether you only get time to yourself on your way to work, during your workout, or during your lunch break, be conscious about it, and enjoy it!

no.5 Cut the crap

This is a big one. When you don’t have a lot of time, it’s important to utilize that time in a way that will give you the most positive outcome. We all have friends that make us feel fueled for greatness after as little as a short coffee hangout, and others that will really just drain us of energy. I don’t know about you, but in periods where I’m busy, going through some big changes in my life, or just really tired and exhausted, I will distance myself from everything and everyone that make me feel like I’m a ghost of myself afterwards, and rather focus the little time, or energy, I have with people that will make me feel energized and happy. I have a handful or wonderful people I’ll always want to hang out with, no matter what my state is, and that’s who to prioritize. I would rather spend an hour on Skype with one of my best friends that are too far away to hug, than to see an actual human being that’s not on my list of amazing partners in crime and love, and life. This goes for everything else too. All the thoughts about things we should do, better be eliminated unless they are important, so that we can focus on what really is important to us. 

no.6 Move your body

Working out is good for you, I don’t think I know anyone who would question that. But most of us see working out as a chore, something we do because we know that we should do rather than want to do, something we have to make time and sacrifice other things for, and the whole calories in vs. calories out discussion has most certainly made exercise unattractive, something that many of us see as a way to burn off the naught things we ate (read: punish ourselves), and I’m not into that. AT ALL! 

I know I’ve talked a little bit about this before, but having started doing martial arts when I was so young, exercise has never really been a chore, nor especially linked to food for me. I worked out because it was a fun activity, and because it made me feel good. It made my body feel good right after the workout, and I remember thinking that my body always felt strong and capable in so many ways in all kinds of situations. I’ve never really been that thin, but I’ve always been fit. I don’t work out to lose weight, but because it makes me feel good. It makes you feel good because it’s such a great outlet for negative emotions and tension in your body, and there is really nothing that compare to the kind of tired and mellow your body feels after a workout. I think I’ve once described it as my body feeling like a marshmallow, and that’s actually pretty accurate (and very pleasurable). Working out shouldn’t be a chore, it should be something you do because it makes you feel good. I’m a huge advocate for the view that you should work out because you love your body, not because you hate it. Including exercise into your routine (it really doesn’t have to be a lot) will make you sleep better, want to eat better, it gives you an outlet for those negative emotions and built up tension from sitting too much, and just makes you feel good. It will require a couple of weeks of dedication to get into a routine, but once you’re in it, it’s going to feel like a really indulgent break. 

no.7 Meditation

I never thought that I would be a person that would get into meditation, but after discovering Headspace, I view things very differently. I was sure that meditation wasn’t for me. That it was for people who appreciated incense and lotus flowers, and I’m definitely one of them. My head is too full of thoughts, I can’t just sit and think about nothing. But meditation is not really about that. It’s about taking a break from everything, and find some quiet. It’s ten minutes a day to focus on how your body feels, where you are tense, what thoughts occupy your mind, and use visualizations to create a more mellow approach to things. The feeling of just relaxing, and focusing on how your breath moves through your body might sounds a bit strange, but once you get past the first ten days, you start feeling addicted to that sense of calm that it gives you.  

One of the things I really like about the Headspace app is that it kills all the negative preconceptions about what medication is, and offers a cultural shift in how we think and talk about meditation. It adresses all of your concerns, and presents meditation in a very straight forward way, and specializes in topics like stress, performance, and patience. They tell you to sit up straight when you do it, but sometimes I like to do it laying on my back on the floor, or even in my bed. It’s not about how you do it, it’s about the dedication to create a routine that will benefit you, and if you feel more comfortable in one position that another, then choose that. Meditation is proven to decrease your heart rate to a level that is below what it’s at when you are in deep sleep, and there are several other health benefits from doing meditation just ten minutes a day. It’s a low effort, high benefit kind of situation, so just try it. You won’t morph into a hippie just because you get into meditation, I promise!

These little tips are a collection of insight from my friends, family and my own experience. Trial and error is key when it comes to these things, because we all work in different ways. I hope that these things can be a little inspiration to enter the autumn with confidence that the turmoil of everyday life won’t get you stressed. I would love to hear how you guys deal with stress, and what steps you take to create more headspace, please feel free to write me.

have a wonderful sunday!




Dear Everyone, I could really use some help: I need a new job.

Preferably as soon as possible, be it in Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Paris, London, or any other city in Europe or beyond. I’m at a point where I’m ready to leave Copenhagen if the right opportunities appear, and I really need a change. I currently have a job that pays the bills, but hurts my body and my spirit, and I need to leave!

I have a BA in Musicology, a MA in Philosophy focused on fashion and art, a long internship at The Royal Theatre behind me, and I'm the editor of written content at Less Magazine (which is not the job I want to leave). I need something that will compliment any of these elements, and I’m more than ready for a new challenge. I’ve been working in an interdisciplinary environment throughout my entire education and work experience, so I have learned to adapt quickly to new fields. Things I do: write, develop/manage projects, photo/video work, digital editing, teaching, coordinate/plan/organize stuff, social media management, online communication, research, and other academic work, etc., but I’m also open to other things! Below, you can find the most important points from my resume. Out of respect for my current employer I have left them out of the list. 

Work Experience
Editor of Written Content
Responsible for all written content in the magazine, as well as working with the creative team for editorials and visual content. Overall responsibility for every part of the process from idea to final product. 
April 2016

Freelance Writer
Mainly focused on SEO.
Nov. 2015

Coordinator, Writer & Assistant
Working with all parts of the creative process, and the back end coordination. Assisting in text work, applications, layout, production, contracts and photo shoots.
Aug. 2013

Guest Teacher in Philosophy
Five week intensive course on identity, happiness and art.
Feb.2016-March 2016

Video production from idea to finished product, including all parts of the process. Hired for a four week intensive internship.
Jan. 2016-Feb.2016

Photographer and Student Worker
Photo and video production as main responsibilities, while assisting the reception and the international department.
May 2014-Aug. 2015

Project Developer and Coordinator
Hired to develop «Ej Blot til Lyst» to premiere in the season of 14/15. Responsible for developing the project from idea, through research, booking, contact with collaborators, managing the economy, practical solutions, through to the finished product. Developed into an additional project as house photographer for The Royal Danish Ballet.
May 2014-June 2015

Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, InDesign and After Effects
Analogue and digital photography + video.
Microsoft Office.
Good language skills: fluent in English, and the Scandinavian Languages. Basic understanding of French.
Experienced in Squarespace, Wordpress, etc.

Throughout my education, internships and work experience, I have gained experience from a wide range of challenges. Working with various tasks with short deadlines, in a hectic and creative environment, with great independence and responsibility, I have learned how to keep my cool, be efficient, and achieve high quality results. I’m passionate, goal driven and ambitious, I value structure and punctuality, and I’m dedicated, and detail oriented.

Main focus on happiness, identity, art and fashion. Master’s thesis on Fashion as Personal Expressiveness, completedwith an A.
Sept. 2013-Nov. 2015

Main focus on the the relation between music and dance. Bachelor’s thesis on the choreomusical aesthetics in ballet, completed
with an A.
Sept. 2010-June 2013


Any kind of help will be highly appreciated, so don’t hesitate to
write me if you have tips on who I should reach out to.

I’m dedicated, ambitious, and hard working, and I’m equipped with a kind heart and badass baking skills = best colleague ever!